Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

With the economy getting worse, burglary is becoming a more common crime. Thieves aren’t getting smarter we’re getting sloppy with protecting our houses. If you want to protect your house from burglary, the first step to take is calling an emergency locksmith.


Tips before you contact a locksmith.

Install high-quality lock-It doesn’t take much for a crook to open an inexpensive lock. High-quality padlock comes with features that make it difficult to break in. Keep in mind that emergency locksmiths offer a wide variety of new lock for residential or commercial buildings.


Double cylinder deadbolt should be used on any doors located near windows or ones with glass sections. If the glass is broken and a thief tries to reach in and open the door, he won’t be able to.


Install multiple security locks- Each door should have at least two locks. You should also put an extra lock on the area of the home that Is not highly visible. When It comes to protecting your loved ones, you can never have a lot of locks.

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Do not draw attention to your house by leaving empty boxes on the curb with your trash. By leaving boxes from new computers, flat-screen televisions, or other expensive electronics on the curb, you are showing thieves that new and valuable items available in your house.


If there is any poorly lit place around the home, add more lighting. Purchase motion sensor lights that automatically triggered by movement. Motion sensor lights may be enough to startle a thief.


Lock your garage. Make sure you have a strong rock. The rest of your house may be secure, but how simple is It to enter your garage? A lot of people don’t know about having a lock on their garage, but if it’s next to the home, thieves may use the garage as an entry point to your home.


High-end alarm systems that connect to every door and window in a home really do work. These types of alarm systems may be expensive, though. They cost about $3,000, plus monthly bills of $25 to $30 for the alarm system-monitoring center. If a thief does make the inside of your compound, your security system will alert you and the cops.


Add shades, heavy draperies, or other window treatments to windows and keep them shut. If you can see your valuables from the street, consider moving them another room in the house.